I am not surprised with Facebook inclusion of hashtags in the past two weeks. Hashtags have become useful keywords or phrases to identify online trends among users mainly on Twitter and Instagram. However, Facebook developers urgency to make their product as the most complete social network have caused that some of the improvements are not well taken from avid Facebook users. Personally, I don’t like Facebook hashtags functionality with a pop-up window. See image below.

Facebook Hashtags
Facebook Hashtags

Right now, Facebook hashtag is not working on tablets, specifically ipad. I know that in the next app update this issue may be fixed. I see the potential of hashtags on Facebook (mainly for businesses) but what I don’t like is the design. On the other hand, Google + has implemented this feature for a couple of months ago and the design and functionality on tablets is simple and neat.
I’m giving a second change to Google + (based on that I am a user of several other Google products) and I am enjoying it

Let me know what so you think about Facebook Hashtags


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