I was the kid who has always been interested in technology and the latest trends – the tech savvy of my family. I started using a computer when I was 6 years-old, I used to create banners for any occasion. At that moment, I realized that being aware of the latest innovations and knowing how to use the latest technology is crucial in order to deliver high quality products and create brand recognition.

As a Digital Marketing professional, I´ve had the opportunity to be part of the breaking point, upgrading through innovation the way to do things with the objective of a better representation of the brand and/or company. For UPC Global, I have developed our website from scratch in order to become the source of 90% of the lead generation. More over, increasing the company online presence with the best SEO, PPC practices, and developing an effective social media strategy focused on the Oil and Gas Industry.

I enjoy having dynamic roles and being part of a productive team and getting everyone involved. I love to listen and understand different points of view.

I´m always looking for a new problem to solve, so if you need help with a large pizza, feel free to contact me directly at davidrmtz@gmail.com

Google Analytics, Google Adwords,Joomla, Graphic Design, Social Media, Podcasting, YouTube, and more.

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